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Too Many User IDs and Passwords?

If you are seeking to rent (or sell) properties with complete control, we have the solution for you. With 0 downtime, we provide the tools you need to succeed! Additionally, our services are affordable and provide unmatched results.

General Users are our default user category. We provide a high level of flexibility for logging in to prevent users from needing additional passwords and logins. Of note, the general user subscription is designed for landlords renting properties or owners placing their property for sale who are seeking to use the Featured Listing option.

Contact us upon completion of your registration to upgrade your membership!

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Registering via Facebook or Google? You will be assigned as a regular user (non-developer, agency, or agent).

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Each user category has the ability to submit properties, and is given a complimentary listing.

Complimentary (free) listings

  • 60 day ad listing
  • 2 complimentary listings
  • 0 featured listings
  • 5 images for each listing
Property in Canada - Free Member

Upon expiration of your listing, you will receive notification via email. By upgrading to a paid package, you can lock down additional hosting time for your properties on the website. After expiration of your complimentary listing, the listing cannot be re-activated without subscribing.

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More Listings, More Images and Feature Listings

Starting at only CAD 2.99/week, our paid membership packages provide unbeaten value!

Again, allow us to place the low cost into perspective: the sale of a single home (resulting from the membership) pays for the entire membership not 10, but 100 times over. Additionally, clients have the ability to cancel their subscription for any reason, at any time.


$ 8.99
1 Week
10 Listings
20 Images / listing
2 Featured Listings


$ 2.99
1 Week
3 Listings
10 Images / listing
1 Featured Listings

We deliver RESULTS!

Our platform provides unbeatable, tangible results. If you would like to change membership type or are interested in a membership upgrade, please feel free to contact us! More Digital Marketing Solutions for any business are available upon request.

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