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For Real Estate Developers – Essential Tools

As a Real Estate (property) Developer, you have a wide range of potential activities. From buying unconstructed land to selling existing property and everything in between, no day is truly the same. We understand first hand that the challenges Developers face are unique, especially when compared to Agents or Agencies.

Fortunately, we have years of industry experience and understand what you need in order to successfully navigate the daily trials and tribulations of a Developer!

Digital Marketing for Developers - Subscription Basis

Construction is a key aspect of development that Developers may or may not oversee. Whether or not you oversee construction personally, we have the tools you need for success!

The real estate portal allows Developers to sign in specifically to the developer suite portion of our program. Within your fully customized virtual page, you will find a wide array of options that differ tremendously from an Agency (Brokerage) page. Of note, we’ve included a short description of your unique selling proposition, contact details, and a logo directly on the header. On the same page, you can find a contact form, list of Developer Agents, and properties – all in one convenient location.

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Developer Sample Page:

Your real estate portal will include different type of users, with Developers being just one category. A dedicated Developer Page has a distinct visual appearance from the Agency (Brokerage) page. The header will include your business logo, contact details, and a short description of your value proposition. Next on the page is the property listing, then the developer agents list, and the contact form.
Property in Canada Agency Page
When you register through Facebook and Google, a general user type will be assigned (non-agent, agency, or developer). Please contact us if you would like to update it.

More Listings, More Images and Feature Listings

The paid membership package begins at CAD 399.99/month, which provides incredible value: the sale of a single home (resulting from the membership) pays for the entire membership not 10, but 100 times over. Additionally, clients have the ability to cancel their subscription for any reason, at any time.


$ 2,999.99
1 Month
3000 Listings
40 Images / listing
800 Featured Listings


$ 799.99
1 Month
300 Listings
30 Images / listing
50 Featured Listings


$ 399.99
1 Month
100 Listings
25 Images / listing
20 Featured Listings

We deliver RESULTS!

Our platform provides unbeatable, tangible results. If you would like to change membership type or are interested in a membership upgrade, please feel free to contact us! More Digital Marketing Solutions for any business are available upon request.

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